At Absentia VR, we optimize and maximize. User experience must be maximized. To facilitate exposure to the technology, we are offering free demonstrations of our product. If you're in our vicinity(Bangalore) we'll be glad to visit you and give you vrtual reality tour on the Tesseract.

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Unveiling The Unreal

Tesseract invokes curiosity. The name given to a four dimensional shape,we transport you to the plane beyond,opening your eyes to an experience like no other.




Virtual Reality is another reality-it needs to look like one. Experience true immersion through a crisp 2k resolution display with a pixel density of 465 ppi.

110 °

Field of View


The Amazing human eyes gives you a 120 ° binocular field of view.We try to catch up.

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Wearing a laggy VR device is like being stuck in a traffic jam- irritating,frustrating and WRONG. Tesseract HMD boasts of imperceivable lag.

15 Mb RAM

Device Agnostic

Having an ancient PC does not disable you from experiencing virtual reality.Our optimized algorithm uses minimal system resources to run seamlessly. The most modern technologies are made use of in bitcoin trading too. Visit the trading platform websites to know more about the latest trends and technologies associated with crypto trading.

Features of Tesseract

Military grade head tracking

If you are some one else and not you then the someone else needs to move their head the way you do. Savvy? Good tracking is essential for immersion.

Anti Fog lens design


With Vents for ventilation and anti-fog coating, the lens do not fog up during device use.

Myopic Vision


Adjustment knobs allow focusing of the image.No one wants blurry VR. Blurry VR is not VR. Additionally. The spacious eyepiece allows accomodation of spectacles.

Combating eye strain


Lens system has been designed to not put strain on your eyes, An interpupillary adjustment also lets you change the distance between them. Accounts for different head sizes.

Our Team


Aditya Gupta

Shubham Mishra

Amit Mishra


Vrushali Prasade


Rishabh Pahuja

Dilip Kumar

Our Product

We offer efficient affordable pricing models to fit different types, duration and scopes of your project. Please contact us for further information. To know about standard payment methods and cryptocurrency payment using Dogecoin, checkout köpa dogecoin blog. This will help you understand what DogeCoin is, where to buy DogeCoin and more about this versatile cryptocurrency.

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Feel free to contact using the contact form, if you have any questions about our products or services. thank you so much!

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